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MY-380F/W machine fit for printing label on paper, thin cardboard, plastic film and aluminum foil. Adopt solid-ink coding, characterized by high definition, instant printing & instant dry, various colors selectable and strong adhesion.

Ribbon Tape LC1 dan Hot Ink Roll yang berkualitas LC1 dengan keunggulan warna hitam yang terang dan tahan lama. Ribbon Tape dan Hot Ink Roll adalah tinta yang digunakan untuk mencetak kode produksi atau expired date pada kemasan makanan, minuman, kosmetik, produk farmasi dan lain-lain.

The TJ500 printhead is a low-cost HP45A cartridge ink jet system with features found in more expensive systems. The TJ500 is based on thermal ink jet technology offering high-resolution print, easy-to-change ink cartridges and industrial-grade performance features.

BSF-5640LG Auto L-Sealer is your best effective and economical choice for smart roomy facility layout. With packaging speed up to 25 PPM,.

Suitable for folding paper in different size & thickness as the five types shown in the left illustration, featuring easy operating, smooth paper-feeding, stepless speed adjusting & high efficiency.

Auto feeding by conveyor belt. Compact structure, high efficiency.Secure bottom sealing

The machine consists of hopper, vibration feeder, weighing device, weigh hopper, door-opening device, etc.

Automatic electronic weighing filling machine adopts electronic balance weighing, Microcomputer control and twin vibrator filling, and it with stainless steel structure, manual bag feeding and...