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PT Karya Mandiri Machinery menyediakan berbagai mesin untuk industri anda. Kami menjual mesin packing, mesin sealer plastik, mesin pembungkus makanan serta berbagai macam peralatan yang dapat menunjang kebutuhan usaha Anda.

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Best Seller Item

DZF-5050 Semi-automatic machine used for the forming of the bottom of the American type cartons. The former makes it easy and quick to form cardboard boxes, which must simply be inserted into the machine from top to bottom.

Application Powder, granules, medicinal herbs, coffee, Chinese traditional medicine, tea, seeds, food, sesame seeds, grains, Chinese wolfberry, rice, gourmet powder, salt, spices, beans, specialty, dry goods, chemical components, electronic components, hardware components, and other non-sticky...

This heavy-duty semiautomatic bag sealer used by large variety of industries for products such as animal feed, chemicals, aggregates, food, fertilizer, detergents, pet food, spices, sugar, grains and cereals, insulation, pellets, powders, etc.

This manually operated impulse machine is ideal for packing all kinds of products in a limited work space. The machine can work with all kinds of thermoplastic films(polyethylene, polypropylene and thin laminates).

Powder Feeding Machine is suitable for multiple powdery product, working together with kinds of packing machine, the product feeding of the conveyor is controlled to retain the product level in the product cabinet.

The machine is ideal for sealing small packages, which adopts constant temperature control system and stepless speed regulation mechanism.

This machine is ideally for sieving and separating powder, particle and slurry in many industries, such as ceramics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, bio-chemicals, electronics, sintering, plastic, rubber, grinding, recycle and etc.

DK-50D is applied to seal, thread metal burglar-proof caps, zip-top caps, aluminum sealed caps and nozzle caps which is suitable for a variety of metal caps, metal theft proof lock screw, sealing work.

QF 600 LS are widely used in chemical industries, food industries, animal feed, etc. for sealing bags in plastic material of every kind, even of high thickness with max width of 600/800 mm and weight max of 50 kg.

Automatic electronic weighing filling machine adopts electronic balance weighing, Microcomputer control and twin vibrator filling, and it with stainless steel structure, manual bag feeding and automatic weighting, It is used to weigh objects in grain or powder shape with good fluidity. Parameters:

FXJ-6050 is operator fed and designed for heavy duty applications. These machines are reliable, cost-effective and durable providing savings to your production process.

In coordination with the respective packaging machine, we supply our customers with the suitable shrink tunnel. It communicates with the machine and is so well insulated that a large portion of the warmth remains in the tunnel and little energy is used.

KPX-950 series paste filling machine is a metering filling equipment independently developed by our company. It is equipped with LX3A series rotor pumps, which are driven by servo motors and accurately measure according to the capacity of each revolution of the pump. All filter components of this product are made of stainless steel sanitary material. The product has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast work efficiency, smooth transportation, simple operation and long service life.

Combines bag sealing, knurling and date coding operations. Conveyor speed is variable. It accommodates both Teflon and steel sealing bands for sealing all types of plastics Polycell and aluminum foil bags.

(FRM-1370AL/M) Our technical expertise enables us to offer a qualitative assortment of Heavy Duty Bag Sealer Machine. For manufacturing this range, we use the finest best grade raw materials under the guidance of our in-depth knowledge engineers keeping in mind the international quality standards.

FRM-1010II is a continuous horizontal or vertical sealing machine with a high productive sealer made specifically for polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, paper, aluminum, and different covers packs.

Direct heat sealer adopts constant temperature control system. The temperature is electronically controlled and is easy to be adjusted.

Optional configurations ribbon coding labeling machines, online print production date, and batch number, reduce bottle packaging processes, and improve production efficiency.

HP-280P machine can print on thin cardboard, paper sheet, leather, plastic film, aluminum foil etc.

HL-3000A is applicable to seal plastic container or glass container made of any kind of material. Remove the conveyor, it can equip production line.

Semi Automatic advance auger filler system load cell based, weigh –metric filling machine to fill various powders like flour, spices, food color, Detergent powder dry syrup/milk/dyes powder etc.

BS-6535LA adopts hot-wind & down-cyclone structure, intelligence temperature control and AC variable speed regulation. There are two optional conveyors, including Teflon belt type and roller type.

This machine adopts imported mechanical parts, piston and pot is made of stainless steel and polytetrafluroethylene.

FRM-1120W continuously seals bags lying flat, for applications requiring speed and convenience.The sealing unit is adjustable in height and can also be tilted up to 30° to keep free flowing products in the bag.