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Features : – 3 head weight vibration feeding, no damage to materials, fast speed, suitable for a variety of materials, high accuracy, simple operation. – Touch screen operation, PLC control, stable performance, convenient adjustment, accurate detection. Specification : – Voltage: 220V/50Hz – Power: 650 W – Working pressure: 0.5-0.8 MPa – Measuring scope: 1-100 g [...]

3 Side Sealing Powder Granule Packing Machine 1-99 g Film Width 6-20 cm

Features : High precision digital sensors enable precise measurement in an instant Microcomputer control system, advanced technology, easy operation and more reliable use Fast and slow vibration feeding, automatic correction of errors to achieve high precision packaging The four scales work alternately, and the packaging speed is fast The high quality stainless steel is used [...]

USAGE: Suitable for packing milk powder, milk tea powder, protein powder, grain powder, nutrition powder, soy milk powder, condiment, spices, herbal powder , medical powder , chilli powder ,coffee powder, curry powder, corn starch, stevia powder, yoghurt powder, cocoa powder, flour, starch, chemical powder, amylum, etc.   FEATURES: All the work of bag making, auger [...]

This machine is suitable for packing sauce,like ketchup,shampoo,chili sauce,and so on. PLC touch screen control the machine. The bag style can be 3 sides sealing,back sealing and four sides sealing. Besides, date coding machine is optional.   FEATURES Can finish the function of bag making, measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and counting. Controlled by computer and step motor pull [...]

Features : Can finish the function of bag making, measuring,filling,sealing,cutting and counting. Controlled by computer and step motor pull bag, flexible bag length cutting, operator needn’t to adjust the unloading working, saving time and saving films. Separate PID control to temperature, suitable for various packing materials. Option device: ribbon printer, filling device, gas-exhaust device, horizontal [...]

Applicable Products This packing machine is widely used to pack various of granule and powder products. Such as, rice, seeds, peanuts, snack food, hardware, salt, sugar, 3-1 coffee powder, coffee beans, chicken essence, pesticide, fertilizer rice, veterinary medicine, feed premix, additives, detergent powder, and other granular, powder quantitative packaging materials. Machine Description This machine integrates [...]

Suit for the packing of leaven food, medicine and chemical such particle, short strip and solid product, for example leaven food, shrimp cracker, popcorn, small steamed bread, Farfalle, biscuit, cornmeal, white sugar, dry food, dry fruit, nut, peanut, seeds,green soya bean, pistachio nut, almond, cashew nut, desiccant and washing powder such big metering particle triangle [...]