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Specification Voltage : 220V/110V Dimension (L x W x H) : 2550 x 1650 x 2320 mm Max Packing Height : 1900 mm Max Packing Weight : 2000 kg Diameter of Turntable (mm) diameter : 1650 Available Film Width : 500 in width Weight : 730 kg

Features PLC programmable control, the number of winding top layer, the number of times can be set Photoelectric switch, self-dynamic measurement of cargo height With automatic fault diagnosis alarm, inquiry processing and emergency shutdown functions Manually reinforce the winding function to provide special protection for certain parts Accurate positioning of the turntable, turntable frequency control [...]

Specification : Voltage : 220V/380V Dimension (L x W x H) : 2950x 2000 x 2950 mm Weight : 420 kg

Introducing a quality Stretch Wrapping Machine providing high speed operations for heavy packaging. The ESW-900 Handles Wrapping Height Wrapping Weight Wrapping Area height of 2100 mm, a warpping area of 1300 mm by 1300 mm, and weight capacity of 1200 kgs. The machine has many special integral features, resulting in outstanding production and superior safety. [...]

Control system: Programmable unit integrated machine, the number of wrapping layers and the number of wrapping times can be set; New display design, easy to operate and learn Photoelectric switch that automatically detects the height of the pallet; Reinforced wrapping function for special protection of certain parts; Overhead time setting function; With switch protection and [...]