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ZSG-400DS Bag Placer. The whole machine is consisted of bag storage platform, bag taking mechanism, bag opening mechanism, sleeving mechanism, bag shaking mechanism, bag holding mechanism, machine frame and control box. After placing the bag in the bag storage platform, start the machine, the bag taking mechanism would abstract the bag, the taking action is [...]

ZSG-600SS bag placer is for supplying empty bag taking to filling machines. The packaging sealing production line is fully automatic by bag sleeved process  manual was replaced with automatic bag taking machine. The whole machine is consisted of bag storage platform, bag taking mechanism(double), bag opening mechanism(double), sleeving mechanism(double), bag shaking mechanism(double), bag holding mechanism, [...]

Video Product Detail :   ZSG-1000G high speed bag placer is high efficient fully auto empty bag supplying for filling machines. And differs with ZSG-300B series, ZSG-600DS series: it is higher efficiency, accurate in bag supplying. The capacity is 800-1000 bags/h.  There are four servo motors for ZSG-1000G auto bag taking machine, which are for [...]

The mini-doypack packaging machine GDD-1-300 is characterized in compact structure and easy operation. This series adopt bag magazine at the top which is adjustable. It enables one single machine to satisfy the packaging demand of various bag shapes and sizes. Adopt PLC control, driven by cylinder, low error rate and easy maintenance. Equipped with a [...]