Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine (KP-40)

This newest labeling machine features many advantages, it has a small footprint, lightweight
design, perfectly suitable to use in a small space.
Full automatic processing provided by PLC control and fast labeling speed to save your precious
time, it’s the best choice for automatic labeling in a such small form factor.
Additionally, it can attach to bottle organizing machine to add bottle feeding and retracting


Parameter :

Model KP-40
Accuracy ±1mm (according to the bottle)
Speed (pcs/min)
50 – 200 pcs/min
Label Height (mm)
15 – 150 mm
Label Length (mm)
25 – 300 mm
Bottle Height (mm)
25 – 350 mm
Label Roll (mm)
75 – 350 mm
Power (W)
1000 W
Voltage (v/Hz)
110/220V 50/60Hz
Dimension (mm)
1270 x 1000 x 780 mm

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Table Type Round Bottle Labeling Machine (KP-40)
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